Key Properties of VersaMer PHAs

VersaMer PHA; MCL-PHA; Medium-Chain-Length PHA

Alternative Names

Medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoate;

Long-side-chain polyhydroxyalkanoate;


Finished Products

Irregular pieces, pellets, latex.


VersaMer PHAs typically have a density of 1.02±0.01 g/cm3.

Solubility in solvents

VersaMer PHAs are soluble in most solvents that can dissolve PHB or PHBV. They are also soluble or partially soluble in many solvents that are non-solvents to PHBV. The following solvents have been tested in our laboratory with all types of VersaMer PHA we currently produce.  

Chemical characteristics 

VersaMer PHAs are isotactic stereoregular thermoplastic elastomers of 100% R configuration.

Moisture Uptake

VersaMer PHAs absorb 0.15% (weight) moisture in an humid environment, and 0.25% moisture when immersed in water completely.

Thermal Degradation Temperature

VersaMer PHAs start thermal degradation at 240oC (determined by Thermal gravimetric analysis).

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)

VersaMer PHAs have Tg between -45oC and -35oC.

Melting Temperature (Tm)

VersaMer PHAs have peak Tm between 45oC and 65oC, depending on monomer compositions.

Molecular Weight (Mw)

VersaMer PHAs have weigth average molecular weight between 100,000 and 150,000, and Polydispersity Index between 1.75 and 1.83.

Tensile Properties

VersaMer PHAs have elongation-at-break value between 1200% and 1400%, tensile-stress-at-break value between 7 and 16 MPa, and Young's Modulus value between 2 and 12 MPa, depending on monomer compositions.


When heated above their melting temperature or in solution, VersaMer PHAs are low viscosity materials.

VersaMer PHA Latex

VersaMer PHAs can be prepared into latex with particle size in the 200nm range.

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