Our Team

PolyFerm Canada is a research-driven company in the Kingston region of Ontario, Canada.

Research and Development

Founded by professors from Queen’s University, PolyFerm Canada’s R&D team is made up of seasoned researchers in the fields of microbiology, biochemical engineering, industrial fermentation, and polymer processing. With years of experience in the bioplastic field, we are always ready to face challenges and accelerate innovation.

Business Management

PolyFerm Canada has proudly partnered with PARTEQ Innovations for its business development, project management and intellectual property management. PARTEQ Innovations is the technology transfer office of Queen’s University, and has decades of success managing and commercializing early-stage, innovative, and disruptive technologies arising from academic research.

With this dynamic team, PolyFerm Canada is confident of delivering the highest quality materials into the hand of our end users.

For more information, please contact us: info@polyfermcanada.com  |  +1 (613) 214-3661